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'Khaali Peeli' Song 'Beyonce Sharma Jayegi' Gets 1 Million Dislikes on Youtube Despite Name Change
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Image credits: Zee Music Company / YouTube.

Image credits: Zee Music Company / YouTube.

'Beyonce Sharma Jayegi' now known as 'Duniya Sharma Jayegi' from Bollywood movie 'Khaali Peeli' starring Ananya Pandey and Ishaan Khatter has raked in more than 10 lakh 'dislikes' on YouTube. Last Updated: September 14, 2020, 4:19 PM IST FOLLOW US ON:

It has been raining dislikes on 'Beyonce Sharma Jayegi' song-video from upcoming Khaali Peeli movie ever since it was released on YouTube last week.

The social media backlash has been such, the makers have scrambled to tweak the name of the song on multiple occasions.

As per the latest development, the song is now dubbed 'Duniya Sharma Jayegi'. The dance number featuring Ananya Pandey and Ishaan Khatter which was earlier coined 'Beyonce Sharma Jayegi' due to legal reasons was later settled at 'Beyonse Sharma Jayegi'.

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But the fact remains. The song with its apparent problematic lyrics hasn't struck the chord with the listeners.

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Just a day after the song release, outraged netizens posted tweets and comments apologising to the American singer for the song that goes like this: "Oh tujhe dekh ke goriya... Beyonce sharma jayegi," which translates to After looking at you fair woman, Beyonce will feel shy."

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It didn't help much that the track's lyrics didn't cease to be problematic with just one sentence.

"Bhadkili nakhrili Chamkili Lachkili. Tu jo kamar ye hilayegi," which roughly translates to "Gaudy woman with a lot of tantrums... When you move your waist".

As of writing this, the video has been downvoted more than a million times. While the "likes" on the song are at mere 110K.

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A quick glance on the comments section of the video may give you an idea why the track suffered such a fate.

"Hope that Beyoncé never finds out about this horrible song, if she does, she better be dragging you guys to court."

"This song hits different on mute."

"Respected beyonce ,

I as an indian, feels extremely apologitic not only to u but the whole beautiful black community as bollywood industry has made such a pathetic racist song .if u ever come across this song in your lifetime plzz ignore it and remember that we indians love u.. (sic)."

"This shows how oblivious bollywood is towards racism , it fails to realise its own flaws but supports BLM 🙄 hypocrisy!"

Last month, the trailer of Mahesh Bhatt directed Sadak 2 became the second-most disliked video on YouTuber after angered fans lashed out at the director and the industry in general for "promoting" nepotism and favouritism. The movie, which received the lowest IMDb ratings for a Bollywood film, starred his daughters Alia and Pooja Bhatt in pivotal roles.

Responding to the criticism Khaali Peeli director Maqbool Khan on Thursday said: "First, without any hesitation or excuses we want to apologise to anyone offended. We assure you that the lyric in question was never intended racially. In fact, the term 'goriya' has been so often and traditionally used in Indian songs to address a girl, that it didn't occur to any of us to interpret it in the literal manner," Maqbool said.

Maqbool added by saying: "Also the comparison with Beyonce is simply meant to be a street-smart guy flattering a girl who is trying to impress that her dancing and performance is worth comparing to Beyonce, who we all see as the final word, the epitome of talent, beauty, performance, style and attitude. We are all huge fans, and there was never any question of disrespect."

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